Ain't Over It Yet

by Adam Pope

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I was in NYC in July of this year when I found myself standing at the top of the new World Trade Center building. As breathtaking as the view is, I paused when I looked directly down and saw the 2 holes in the ground where the twin towers once stood. I let that view sink in for a minute.
Weeks later I was at home and I saw a picture of those towers taken back before 9/11. Again, I found myself without words but still deeply emotional about that image. That night I wrote the 1st verse of this song, but I couldn't get any further.

Then, on September 7th, late into the night/morning of the next day, I kept thinking about the song I had started. I had told my wife that I honestly felt like I was still mad about 9/11. I tried and tried to capture my feelings and finish the song, but I was getting nowhere. Finally, I prayed and asked God if He would just write the song and help me to not simply be mad but be moved and find a way to articulate a message that is reflective but ultimately uplifts and points forward. An hour later the song was finished. Yesterday during band rehearsal I asked the band to stay late so that we could record this song. They did a GREAT job and we got it mixed/mastered today. So here it is, barely three days old!

Every year around September 11 I go out of my way to rip the scab off of the wound that terrible day left on me. I don't want to forget, and I don't want to find myself falling back asleep like our nation was on September 10. I fear that many been lulled back to sleep, and we are as divided as ever today. Evil is growing all around us, yet very few (especially those in power) seem to care or notice. This is a dangerous time we find ourselves in.

So please join me in ripping the scab off. This is what our new song is about. We must again be reminded of what happened that day, and do our part as individuals to stand and do what we can so that, as a nation, we will never allow it to happen again.



I just ran across a picture & it stopped me in my tracks
A frozen moment taken long before the day we were attacked
An image of twin towers standing so tall and strong
One blue sky Tuesday mornin’ they were gone
I reflect upon that cloud of dust, the tears, the questions why
How this nation was awakened and our eyes were opened wide
That pit’s still in my stomach, and there’s 2 there in the ground
Names are etched in stone of those who were never found
Many years have gone by since that awful day
And I keep trying to find the right words to say

I’m still mad, and I still grieve
I still pray for our heroes who fight our enemies
It still hurts, I still cry
Every year when September 11 passes by
I can’t forget, no, I ain’t over it yet

I was just a teen and thinking about girls and basketball
Then the world changed when `I saw that 1st building fall
That’s when I was confronted with the cold reality
That we might not always be free
I recall watching the sunset that night
I thought how many lives were lost who just watched that sunrise

I’m still mad, and I still grieve
I still pray for our heroes who fight our enemies
It still hurts, I still cry
Every year when September 11 passes by
I can’t forget, no, I ain’t over it yet

Now I am grown and I have moved on with my life
But it’s up to me to stand for what’s right and teach my children why

I still pray, and I still believe
That Jesus is the answer to what our nation needs
I still hope, and I will fight
Cause freedom is worth fighting for; remember those who died
I won’t forget, no it ain’t over yet
America ain’t over yet


released September 10, 2015
Adam Pope- vocals, songwriter, acoustic guitar, keys
Lisa Horngren- electric bass
Josh Brown- electric guitar
Billy Connolly- drums
Jerry Webb- engineer (tracking done at "The Project Room")
Shawn Conley- engineer (mixing/mastering at "Red Alert Studios")



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Adam Pope Nashville, Tennessee

Adam Pope is an old soul country/rockabilly entertainer/songwriter. While legendary influences are evident, critics and audiences of all ages recognize the current relevance he brings to the stage with his lyrics, instrumentation, and energy.

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