You Wear Blue- Fundraiser for the "Blue Lives Matter" Mercury One Fund in Dallas, TX

by Adam Pope

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Adam wrote the song "You Wear Blue" a few weeks after the police shootings in Dallas, and a day after the Baton Rouge police shooting in the summer of 2016. ALL proceeds go to Mercury One's "Blue Lives Matter" fund in Dallas, TX which provides financial assistance to officers who are facing the loss of income due to a serious injury, life-threatening illness or other catastrophic event. Immediate assistance is also available to an officer’s family in the event of the death of an active officer.

Mercury One is stepping up to help the families of the officers who were killed in the police shootings on July 7th, 2016. You can donate at


(Written by Adam D. Pope)
(C) 2016 SESAC "All 3 Branches Publishing"

1st Verse-

I pass you on the street every day
We never speak; most times I don’t even look your way
You’re out here doing your job, while I'm headed to mine
Sir I think I've taken you for granted this whole time

2nd Verse-

That badge you're wearing has never brought you fame
And you don't need the world to know you're name
We run from danger but that's where you run to
You lay it all on the line for strangers when the job calls to
That’s just what you do
Cause you wear blue


We're black, we're white, sometimes divided
Now we're being torn in two
But our blood runs red, we're all Americans
Today I stand and choose to salute
Cause you wear blue

3rd Verse-

No I've never rode behind a co-worker's hearse
And throughout my day I don't always have to assume the worst
I haven't seen the things you can't unsee
And my mother never will have to lose the kind of sleep your mom most lose
Cause you wear blue

REPEAT chorus

4th Verse-

Out of nowhere, a sweet old man just gave you a hug
And as he walked away with his cane I saw you tear up
No the whole world ain't against you but if it was tonight
I bet you'd continue to...lace up your boots and do what’s right and put on that suit
Cause you wear blue

Last Chorus-

We're wrong, we're right, at times misguided
Now we're being torn in two
But our blood runs red, we're all Americans
It’s time we shake your hand and choose to salute
Those who wear blue
And I thank you
Cause you wear blue


released September 20, 2016
Adam Pope (vocals, rhythm guitar)
Jerry Webb (acoustic lead guitar)
Lisa Horngren (bass)
Ben Peeples (harmony and gang vocals)
Eddie Anderson (drums)
Mike Schrimpf (keys and B3)
Julie Adams (cello)

Produced by Adam Pope & Jerry Webb
Tracked at the Project Room in Hendersonville, TN
Mixed at Sound Control Recording in Franklin, TN
Mastered at Red Alert Studios in Gallatin, TN
Album artwork by Leslie Henke of Frequency Design



all rights reserved


Adam Pope Nashville, Tennessee

Adam Pope is an old soul country/rockabilly entertainer/songwriter. While legendary influences are evident, critics and audiences of all ages recognize the current relevance he brings to the stage with his lyrics, instrumentation, and energy.

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